About Us

Making decorated cakes, cupcakes and desserts is a particular and special art. It is the art that unites taste, form and above all, feelings and dreams. And this is the artistic gift in the most important moments of our lives. Here at Love & Sugar by Bella, when we talk about cakes, we know how important it is to value these moments and therefore, we do our best to produce cakes, cupcakes and desserts decorated according to the taste of our customers. We make dreams come true with much affection and love for our work. Besides beautiful, our cakes are delicious and always made with lots of love. We are happy to be a part of your celebration. Count on us to make your happy day even more special.

Love & Sugar by Bella It's a small family business with a husband and wife team behind it. With a passion for truly homemade cakes.

We love our work. We also love our customers, which is why there are no additives or preservatives. These cakes are cooked in a happy environment by happy people, with the intention of making you a happy customer!

Love & Sugar by Bella started out in Anabella kitchen, an exceptional cook who turned to delicious homemade cakes to sell in cafes. Anabella's cakes have proven so good that, almost by accident, a new business was born and we also started making 100% homemade birthday cakes without additives or preservatives. And we were submerged by the rising tide of other local customers. The front room has become an office, to receive customers and accept new orders.

While many of our original recipes are still used for some of our best cakes, we are always trying to develop a wide range of incredible creations. We take pride in what we do and we do it with great satisfaction and pleasure. The number of cakes we make continues to grow, but our products continue to have the same quality as always.